John Terenzio

Welcome to my homepage! I'm a native of Miami, FL and a graduate of Northwestern University where I studied economics, psychology, and film. I am currently traveling internationally and was most recently living in San Francisco were I was an engineering manager in the Payments group at Airbnb.

I'm an internet junkie and self-taught computer programmer. My first programming project, at the age of 12, was hacking Duke Nukem 3D in order to make my arsenal more powerful. I then transitioned to more worthwhile projects like building websites for friends and family and selling custom made PCs. In college my roommate and I founded an online textbook reseller called NUsed Books which gave us 100% return on investment over the time we operated it.

After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and began my career as a product manager at Buzzmedia (now SpinMedia). Despite my lack of formal training, I found myself assuming the role of engineer on more and more of my projects and it became clear what my true calling was. I went on to become Buzzmedia's lead ad tech engineer and was the architect of an innovative JavaScript ad-serving platform used to deliver custom advertisments to the company's 30+ sites.

I eventually moved north to San Francisco and landed at the online ticketing company Eventbrite, where I built tools for event organizers and became a student of the Zen of Python. During my honeymoon, I discovered the potential of Airbnb and made the switch in mid-2012. I worked at Airbnb for nearly five years as an engineer on the Payments Team and handled a variety of both internal and user-facing projects related to the flow of money through the business.