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NUsed Books
Here at NUsed Books, we buy back your older textbooks that the Norris Bookstore no longer accepts (and new ones too). If you are interested into turning your dusty old orgo books into cold hard cash, then follow the instructions below. And the best part is you don't even have to leave your room! NUsed Books is owned and operated solely by NU students, so you know it's good!

Step 1
Send an email to with the following information: your name, where you live on or near campus, a number we can reach you at, the ISBN numbers of each book you'd like to sell (mark as new, very good, or good), your top 3 choices for a pickup time in 30 minute increments (pickup times are below).
Important: some spam filters may block our emails, so make sure you check that if you're missing something from us...
Step 2
We will respond within 24 hours letting you know which books we will take, for how much, and what time we will be picking them up. There is no need to follow up unless you choose not to sell anything, or you can't be there to meet us.
Step 3
We show up, you get paid. We pay in cash and round the cost of each book to the nearest dollar. If by some chance we don't find each other, we will contact you to arrange a new pickup time.

Pickup Times for Fall Quarter 2007
Get money for your used books!
...we beat buyback prices almost 100% of the time and take many books they don't...
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